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Dells of the Eau Claire Park

Wisconsin's (Overlooked) Winter Wonderland: Dells of Eau Claire County Park
Situated on the Eau Claire River, the Narnia-like Dells of Eau Claire County houses beautiful waterfalls, natural rock formations and ideal campgrounds for naturalists.

The park itself is beautifully preserved, but you need to be careful in the winter, because snow covers areas that could be dangerous or slippery.

If you hike the many pathways around the river, you'll find yourself in a sort of enchanted winter garden, complete with views of plenty of birch and spruce.

The dells are of glacial origin, and during the winter, the area is covered with thick, soft, powdery snow (perfect for snowball fights) and a deliciously white hike through the woods. You'll also find that this is a perfect spot for snowshoeing.

County Hwy Y, Aniwa, WI 54408, USA
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