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Deira Gold Souk

In Dubai, All That Glitters IS, in fact, Gold
Some of the hotels have gold ATMS, but if that's too much for your wallet, head to the gold souk. You'll find gold hammered into all shapes, sizes, and forms, and if you're there around an Indian or Islamic holiday, you'll see families shopping for glittering gifts. Or perhaps you'll see someone being outfitted for a wedding, in which case the gold bracelets may be purchased in bulk Get yourself a necklace that spells your name in Arabic, an unusual and individual souk souvenir. http://www.goldsouks.com/dubai/
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Show Your Bling with Arabic Name Plate
In Dubai, the only things that are cheaper than in your countries are gas and gold. Still many people are reluctant to make a purchase when in gold souk, probably because it is (kind of) intimidating to walk into those glittering showrooms with fairly aggressive welcome. Despite, it is really fun and affordable to shop there, and if you have few or even a couple of hundred bucks to spare for your commodity investment (I call it), you can get a pretty decent deal.

My friend and I were very determined to make our own name plate necklaces there, and after checking the prices and design options at few different places, we picked the best store. Design was pretty customizable where we could add few special orders in addition to custom lettering. I placed an order with a standard lettering with frosted surface with sprinkles of 5 tiny diamonds. With an accompanying gold chain, this cost me about $300 - not bad I think.
Show Your Bling with Arabic Name Plate Dubai  United Arab Emirates