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Dar Ahlam Tent Camp

There are dozens of other tent camps out there, some like mini tent villages, some much fancier than this, but Dar Ahlam’s philosophy is that the desert experience should just be for one group—whether a family, a couple of couples or even a group of one like me. Nobody else is there to ruin it for you. And believe me, the shocking thing about the desert is how absolutely quiet it is, like being in a recording studio. But all it would take is one loud drunk group to ruin it for everyone else.

One group at a time. One night at a time. You’re in. You smile. You’re out and back to finish off two more nights at Dar Ahlam’s kasbah in Skoura. The perfect amount of time.

Getting to the tent camp in the desert is half the fun, crawling out of Ouarzazate into the canyons, crazy geology passes by, one rammed-earth structure after the other, one perched village in an oasis after another.

Finally, you pass the last town and a triumphant gate at the end of the road, the road disappears into a track. It celebrates “that’s where the desert starts.”And from there, it is sixty kilometers of bronc-riding fun, no dunes in sight until the end.