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Dar Ahlam

“Welcome to Dar Ahlam. Our goal is to redefine the hotel experience. There is no Reception. No restaurant. No keys. No hours. No menus. No itinerary. Just surprises. When you are hungry, just show up at any time and we will take you to a different place we’ve arranged for you.”
And that’s how I was introduced by “Flo” (Florent) who runs the very remote and very exclusive Dar Ahlam kasbah in the oasis town of Skoura, in southern Morocco.
As opposed to the opulent hotels in Marrakesh, Dar Ahlam is dramatically understated, yet rustically elegant as only the French can do. You only run into the few others around the pool or in passing to/from adventures. When you are hungry, you just show up at your own time and Flo has already picked out a new, isolated little secret place for you to eat. A different place each day. One day in the garden, on pillows and flowing drapes. Others in a candle-lit alcove. Once by the pool; sunset on the roof
I didn’t realize it until after, but I never once was shown a menu—they just start bringing you food—but they served every single thing I love; different each day. But always seeming perfectly what I was in the mood for. I talked to other guests and they realized the same thing. THAT is remarkable.
And candles. Candles and lanterns and fire glowing everywhere. I want to work here, being the fire-lighting guy. What a magical place. Save up all your money and give it to Flo and you’ll walk away with one of the most memorable experiences, ever.