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Cursos de Cocina en Barcelona - bcnKITCHEN

Carrer de la Fusina, 15, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
| +34 932 68 12 53
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Hands-on, flavorful and fun! Barcelona  Spain

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Sun 10am - 5pm
Mon - Sat 9:30am - 11pm

Hands-on, flavorful and fun!

At bcnKITCHEN, participants in a class introducing classic Spanish dishes with a Catalan flair have plenty of opportunity to learn by doing.

After an informative market visit, members of our group were soon hacking potatoes into chunks for Spanish tortilla, cubing peppers for seafood paella, and pummeling prawns into submission for a flavorful stock. When the time came, some of us got to flip a tortilla--and everyone had a chance to take a torch to the classic Catalan dessert, crema catalana.

Our instructor, Chef Alvaro Brun, was a dynamo, somehow able to be everywhere at once. Whether dispensing wisdom from the Catalan kitchen or making sure we were pointing spoon or blowtorch in the right direction, he was on the scene with wit and good humor. As our meal began to come together, Alvaro set two members of the group to making Pa amb tomàquet (Catalan tomato bread) and poured the wine. It was time to enjoy the results of all that bustle!

A class with Alvaro Brun is highly recommended for anyone who is ready to experience firsthand the ways of the Catalan kitchen (and learn your way around a local market).