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Counterpoint Records & Books

Looking For Fleetwood Mac Vinyl? You've Come To The Right Place
I could not wait to check out this store. Rows upon rows of books, records, CDs and even a corner shelf of tapes (remember those?). If you lived part of your teen years in the 80s, you know probably know intimately what I'm talking about.

Counterpoint Records & Books is the antithesis of everything iTunes, Spotify, mp3 and Soundcloud. It's the "High Fidelity" of Los Angeles where you can find an old record of Barbara Streisand, a CD of David Bowie and a tape of Run D.M.C. all in the same place. One trip to Counterpoint will take you down a memory lane of popular and obscure literature and music.

While some collector items were priced slightly higher, we scored Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album -- in plastic and in perfect condition -- for only $10.

Counterpoint buys, sells and trades items and also lets you shop online. But nothing beats walking into the store, taking in the slightly musty smell and holding a piece of entertainment past.

5911 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
+1 323-957-7965
Sun - Sat 11am - 11pm