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Cottage Farm Bed and Breakfast

55 Ndr Dragørvej
| +45 32 53 28 31

Spend the Night in a Farm Cottage

Traditional farmsteads in Denmark consisted of a square (or open square) of linked buildings around a central courtyard. One building was the family home, one or more was used for storage, and one or more housed the animals. Like other traditional Danish buildings, the walls were plaster and the roof made of thatch.

Farmstead lodgings are available throughout Denmark. The most charming of these retain their historic character, but with modern conveniences and extra flowers for increased comfort and charm!

The Cottage Farm B&B is one of these. Located nearly within site of Copenhagen’s Kastrup International Airport, it provides a rural experience at the very edge of the city. But proximity to the city doesn’t mean this isn’t the real deal: The house dates back to the early 1800s and there are horses in the pasture, chickens in the side yard, fruit trees in the front yard, and a central courtyard with parking (for cars as well as farm equipment) along with the outdoor seating.

In the morning you can relax and listen to the farm awaken while eating breakfast in the warm dining room, secure in the knowledge that your gate at the airport is only a few minutes away.