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Corfu, Greece
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My Road Trip Adventure Through Corfu’s Beaches Corfu  Greece

My Road Trip Adventure Through Corfu’s Beaches

Last summer, at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to visit Corfu Island. I knew from a previous experience about the beauty of Greece, and about the many things that can be discovered if one explores the islands instead of staying in one place, so I decided to make it a trip that will combine relaxation with the joy of discovering new things, and which will also fit my traveling budget (not very large). Keeping this in mind and analyzing various options, I decided to organize a road trip with the purpose of visiting the Southern East Coast of Corfu island, where I heard there are some amazing beaches. I planned on going alone, in order to enhance the feeling of adventure. Here’s how I managed to have a great time while staying on a low-budget.

Arriving in Corfu, I rented a car and headed to the Southern East Coast, making stops in order to admire the amazing views and visit places from my list. My plan was to save as much money as I could, so during the nights, I would stop and set up my tent in a nice safe place. I would hear the seaside when sleeping on the shore. I would admire the endless sky before going to sleep, I would breathe the fresh marine air. Though I was a bit concerned about hygiene, I found that washing myself in the sea and in the showers appointed on the beaches was good enough.

I was impressed by the mesmerizing beauty of the beaches I encountered, especially Porto Timoni Beach, Benitses, Lefkimi, Kavos and the Korission Lagoon. A particularly strong impression on me was caused by a wild beach called Arkoudilas, somehow hidden and quiet, but with a lot of sand, crystal clear water and an unforgettable view. I felt like I just arrived in a secret magical world where time stopped and I could totally relax.

While going to the beaches, I decided to save money on sunbeds and umbrellas, which cost around 8-10 euros. Instead, I put on a big hat and used sunscreen for babies and kids, because the sun was quite powerful. It did its job, I got a beautiful shade of bronze, all without getting sunburnt.

With the money I saved, I treated myself by eating well. I checked for the best restaurants out there and tried everything I was tempted to. I just love Greek cuisine, with its flavoursome dishes, juicy and full of herbs. There in Corfu I can say that I ate some of the best lamb dishes I have ever tried. I was also impressed by the seafood and by the intricate way vegetables were cooked, for example the Imam eggplants; and also by the desserts and local wines.

It was a relatively short trip, but looking back, I feel like it lasted longer. I discovered new delightful places and met interesting people, I found out compelling things about the history of Corfu, I slept under the stars, I enjoyed the sea and the sun...What an adventure! I wish I never had to return from this earthly paradise, and I will definitely go back to explore the rest of the island.