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Copenhagen in Photos

3 Rådhuspladsen

October in Copenhagen

Doesn't October look great on Copenhagen? The shoulder season has it's perks. My 28th country had a few firsts. The most important one for me was seeing the Baltic Sea. I love it's coldness and roughness. The vikings were really tough and courageous to sail these waters.

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about 4 years ago

Where to Stay in Copenhagen, Denmark

After having an incredible experience at my Airbnb in Copenhagen, I knew I had to share this beautiful townhouse with the world! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to step into a Scandinavian interior design dream and experience true hygge for yourself, read on!
over 5 years ago

Copenhagen, Denmark

Canals, bike lanes, and ample green space make this capital feel inviting and accessible. Yet Copenhagen is also decidedly sophisticated, as evidenced by its cool design shops and pioneering New Nordic restaurants. Explore the many sides of Copenhagen as you please, thanks to Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ free unlimited shore excursions policy. On the 12-night Stockholm to London itinerary, Copenhagen excursions include a canal cruise and visit to historic amusement park Tivoli Gardens; and an overview of major landmarks like the Little Mermaid statue (inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale) and palaces where the royal family still resides. Back onboard, you can join an intriguing discussion with a featured expert—as part of The Smithsonian Collection by Smithsonian Journeys program—and use free WiFi to share the day’s best photo ops from the comfort of your suite’s balcony.
about 7 years ago

Rainy Copenhagen

I was excited to visit Denmark because I had become very good friends with our foreign exchange student from Denmark last year, and also because my mother was an exchange student in Denmark when she was in high school! Unfortunately, we did not get to do as much as I had hoped since it was really rainy that day. We spent the day shopping and touring the city by bus. We saw Tivoli, the City Hall, the Little Mermaid, and much more!
AFAR Local Expert
about 5 years ago

Toy Soldiers

Except for the fact taht they didnb't have their red uniforms on, these Danish military guards reminded me of the old Steadfast Tin Soldier story. THey tend to march around a bit, unlike the British guards. Denmark also has a much older monarchy than the British but obviously don't make such a big deal of it as the Brits do.
AFAR Local Expert
about 7 years ago

Sundown in Copenhagen

The weather was very warm until the sun went down but it made for better photos.
AFAR Local Expert
about 7 years ago

Mashed Potatoes - Copenhagen Style

Now I'm the last person on Earth that takes food photos, I just like to sit down and eat the stuff. However, I would've been remiss had I not captured this, uh, delicacy that graced my presence while dining in Copenhagen. Having been tortured for days with nothing but 'boiled this' and 'pickled that,' I was craving a steak, and that's what I ordered when I returned to the city. You are viewing what arrived, much to my dismay, at my table. Yes, there was a steak underneath what I estimated to be at least two, maybe three, potatoes combined to create the 'mashed potato wave' featured here. And while I forget the name of the restaurant, I assure you I will NEVER forget those crazy potatoes.
about 7 years ago

Divers In The Water

On a nightdive in Copenhagen this was taken
Grand Circle Cruise Line
almost 6 years ago

Listen to the North Seas

Grand Circle Cruise Line’s new Seas of the North itinerary calls at many of the most famous cities of Northern Europe: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, and Paris among others. For the careful listener, the itinerary offers unique opportunities: the footfalls of the soldiers and the beat of the drums during the daily changing of the guard from Rosenberg Castle to the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen and the sounds of the waves crashing on the white cliffs of Dover. Then there are also moments for silent meditation— admiring the masterpieces at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum or wandering the countryside of Giverny (we can’t promise, however, that your reverie won’t be interrupted by the chirping of birds).