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Cingshui Cliffs

Captivated by the Cliffs of Cingshui
There is an area of Taiwan, that, in my mind, will always be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The Cingshui Cliffs, located along the Su-Hua Highway in Hualien – a county in eastern Taiwan – are soul-stirring and breathtaking to behold. The cliffs rise vertically from the Pacific Ocean and reach an average height of more than 800m. They are said to be made up of gneiss and marble and have been dedicated by Taiwan's government as one of the eight wonders of the country.

I visited the area a few times by scooter. The winding road could sometimes be precarious but the view was well worth the risks. It's a place I could visit every day and never tire of. I'll never forget staring out to sea, with the wild wind whipping my hair, and thinking how lucky I was to be blessed with such a view.

Cingshuei Cliff, Taiwan