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Chatham Bars Inn

Chatham, MA, USA


The executive chef of CBI, Anthony Cole, is a trained master of fine dining who oversees every dish at the resort’s four dining venues, from the light snacks served at the pool to a magnificent entrée of butter-poached lobster at Stars. All that training and responsibility, though, doesn’t translate into a stuffy product; instead, the chef’s cuisine suggests a deeply felt sense of place and some seriously playful creativity. The resort’s farm provides produce served year round and the local bounty of fresh-caught fish and shellfish always play starring roles. Twice weekly in the summer, the chef’s staff digs a pit in the sand, lights a quarter-cord of wood in the bottom, layers on stones and seaweed, then places lobsters and steamers, bags of potatoes and ears of corn, and covers it all to steam for hours. The resulting New England traditional clambake—accompanied by cold beer, ripe watermelon, farm-raised tomatoes, and more—is laid out as a feast so colorful and generous that it’ll live forever in your tales of summers past.