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chateau de commarque

24620 Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, France
| +33 5 53 59 00 25

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Sun - Sat 11am - 7pm

Exploring the fascinating Chateau de Commarque

The site of the Chateau Fort and troglodyte cave of Commarque is in a valley preserved on the road between Sarlat and Les Eyzies de Tayac. You can reach the castle by a stone road, followed by a path of about 600 m through the woods.
The castle was founded in the 12th century at the request of the abbots of Sarlat. At that time, it was only a wooden tower and its main function was to ensure the safety of the valley. After the Beynac family took control of the castle, the wooden tower was replaced by a stone dungeon, the fortification was improved, and the dungeon was then gradually upgraded until the 18th century. The Beynacs, lords of the region, lived in the dungeon.

During the Hundred Years War it was captured by the English who held the place for several years. Later during the French wars of religion, the castle was taken by the Catholics, because of the Beynacs being Protestant supporters.
From the prehistoric cave located at the level of the preserved valley of the Beune, the visitor can climb through the troglodytic village and then the fortified medieval castrum to the large main buildings with their rooms beautifully restored and the dungeon overlooking a magnificent panorama.

We loved it because: its perfect location, away from the main road, in a green and quiet valley. Perfect spot for a picnic.

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Chateau de Commarque