Château de Cheverny

Biking the French Countryside in Search of Castles
We were in the Loire Valley for the wedding of friends, and the one day when there were no real festivities, we planned to bike from Blois (where we were staying) to Chateau de Cheverny. It had been some time since I'd biked a long distance, let alone in another country with what looked like a kid's map of back roads. So, I put my trust in fate and friends and fully expected to get lost. It felt as if we were lost, after the first hour and a half, which was a pleasure, to be honest, and just as I was forgetting and simply enjoying the gorgeous countryside, not sure if we'd ever make it back, this magnificent castle came into view. We sat in the park outside the chateau and had delicious cheese and bread from town with wine. A perfect day.
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41700 Cheverny, France
+33 2 54 79 96 29
Sun - Sat 9:15am - 6:30pm