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Chapel of the Maccabees

Tucked into a hidden corner of the St Pierre Cathedral in Geneva -- this perfect little chapel
This 14th Century Gothic Chapel is the highlight of Sacred Geneva, but you'd hardly know it was even there unless someone told you to look for it.

St. Peter's Cathedral has been a cathedral in one iteration or another since the 4th century and this is a common stop on the Geneva tourism trail, especially given that the cathedral holds such a dominant position on the Geneva skyline. It sits at the top of a hill in the middle of the old town.

People frequently go to the Cathedral for their excellent concert series (http://www.concerts-cathedrale.ch/). And under the cathedral is an amazing anthropology museum (http://www.site-archeologique.ch) that allows you to walk through the rocks of the centuries, past a skeleton on the ground inches from your feet (Surprise!), through several ages of cathedral (they built one after the other in the very same spot), all the way back to Roman tile work several layers down.

But in spite of all that the Cathedral has to offer, both above ground and underground, it's the Chapel of the Maccabees that took my breath away. The only way I can think to describe it is this: it's as though someone went to the Ile de la Cite in Paris, fell in love with La Sainte-Chapelle, and figured out how to scrunch it up and put it in their pocket and bring it to Geneva -- just smaller.

Find it by entering the main doors to the cathedral, then turning right, then turning right again in the very back corner. Tucked in there, you will find perfection.

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