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Chamarel, Mauritius
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Chamarel espresso - a coffee secret Chamarel  Mauritius

Chamarel espresso - a coffee secret

A waterfall, the seven colored earth, a fantastic viewpoint of valleys, peaks and islets, a restored Ebony Forest Nature Park, miles of pine-apples, sugar, banana trees, tea and hardly mentioned - coffee.

The funny thing is that no-one in Mauritius drinks coffee. The majority being Hindu, they enjoy a good cup of sweet, milky tea. The Creole (of African descent), also drink tea. The Chinese drink tea.
Ok, the Franco's (French descent), drink some coffee.

But, Israeli descent comes with its many dangerous hazards. Coffee addiction is one of them and it must be GOOD coffee.

Our little group of mad-about-good-coffee enthusiasts went on a mission to find the best coffee in Mauritius - (if such a thing exists).

You must understand, these are people who like it black, strong and it must have a granular 'float' on top which slowly sinks to the bottom of the classic small Turkish coffee glass. There are ways to encourage the downward sinking movement, such as tapping the glass on a good solid surface in a very specific way, until the granules settle. Then it involves personal risk management as to knowing the exact moment when your lips hit the heap at the bottom of the glass.

First, we did some research and found everything we needed to know about coffee including recipes for cakes and drinks - http://www.gourmet-coffeebeans.com/

Then, to our surprise, we found Chamarel coffee, used to improve international blends, and it is perfect for our taste, pure and simple.