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Centro Commercial San Jose's underground parking garage

The First Rule of Fight Club is: You Do Not Talk About Fight Club
I'm always looking for those hidden gems, those places that ooze the culture and heart of a country. Lucha Libre in San Salvador is one of those - for $2 you can name-call, cheer and get right up to the ring and near the action of one of Latin America's most beloved past-times - Lucha Libre or "Free Fight". Probably best known as the Mexican wrestling depicted in the Hollywood movie "Nacho Libre" Lucha Libre is bringing the fun and entertainment of the "sport" to a small group of fans in an underground parking garage with florenscent bulbs dangling from the ceiling in Central San Salvador. The fighters have so much passion for thier craft and are so welcoming, I can't help but promote their cause and get their little venture off the ground! Not to be missed!