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Central Market Athens

Food and Photography Heaven at Athens Central Market
The noisy, smelly, chaos of Athens Central Market is an experience no foodie (or photographer) should miss. The colours, shapes and patterns are a compositional dream, but the market is not for the squeamish.

You can find every conceivable creature from the sea on sale here. The floor is wet and the air smells salty.

In the next building, animal parts you didn't even know were edible are hanging from hooks or stacked in baskets - Sheep's head anyone?

Around the exterior of the market you can find spices, fresh fruit and vegetables.

When you tire of the crowds, just grab a cup of strong black Greek coffee and watch the bustle from a safe distance.
Fresh meat
The meat aisle at Athens' central market. Just don't wear your good shoes!
Fresh meat Lakonia  Greece

Beautiful Chaos at Athens' Central Market
Athens' Central Market is a home to a tremendous number of vendors selling everything from fresh Aegean octopus, fish and meat of every variety, to spices, olives, and cheeses. The area is surrounded by little eateries, tavernas, and cafes taking advantage of the fresh produce and catering to the bustling crowds. Even if you're not in the market for meat products, it's an interesting visit and a great way to experience a slice of local culture.

Beautiful Chaos at Athens' Central Market Lakonia  Greece

Athens Central Market
Come in the early morning to see this market buzzing with shoppers buying fresh meat and seafood. If you have a weak stomach then you might want to skip the meat section which has lots of heads and feet. But this is a great place to experience the local side of Athens.
Athens Central Market  Lakonia  Greece

Athinas, Athina 105 51, Greece
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Mon - Sat 7am - 6pm