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3 Items Every Traveller Should Have in Their Suitcase

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3 Items Every Traveller Should Have in Their Suitcase

Whether you’re going to the other side of the world or just next door, a life-changing adventure or just a short jaunt, it’s essential to have the proper supplies necessary for your journey. Everyone, of course, has their own personal items which they can’t possibly live without - but wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, there are a number of key things that will help you out no matter what kind of a trip you’re planning on taking. So here are just a few of the things you should ensure are in your suitcase next time you head off.

Wet Wipes
Wet Wipes are a handy yet convenient item for many different situations. You might want to make use of them before coming into contact with a particularly well-worn airplane or train bathroom, or for a quick wipe-down of any surfaces that appear badly in need of one before you make use of them. However, wet wipes can also serve as a refreshing alternative for your face or hands when you don’t have time to wash. This can be a particular godsend for long camping trips or other occasions when you maybe don’t have access to a shower for a significant number of days. Fortunately, you can get wet wipes or an alternative for a very reasonable price at a multitude of retailers, so it’s always wise to pick up some before you hit the road.

First Aid Kits
Should anything serious happen to you or someone you’re traveling with when in a foreign country, it can be a nightmare to receive the proper help. Language barriers can prove an issue, as well as the fact that you’re in an unfamiliar environment and may not immediately know the best place to seek out some assistance. This is why it’s always a good idea to pack a small first aid kit with all the essentials contained within; antibacterial cream, nausea pills, bandages, etc. Even if you feel you can easily reach assistance at your hotel or aboard your ship on various cruises, it always pays to have the materials at hand to deal with any bumps or scrapes which may naturally occur. On a hike, for instance, you may have no other way to access supplies to assist with a nasty tumble, while you’ll be thanking yourself for thinking ahead and packing a little medicine after a particularly dodgy meal which you’ve come to regret.

Speaking of dodgy meals, packing a small bottle of Tabasco along with your regular belongings will ensure that no dinner can ever be completely spoiled again. Even if you’re served the most bland, tasteless meal of your life, a few healthy drops of Tabasco should add a little well-needed flavor and spice. This is especially useful for long trips through areas where you’ll have to eat whenever you can, with whatever is available to you. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Tabasco normally, you might develop a new appreciation for it when faced with some less-than-appetizing morsels abroad.

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