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Causeway between North and Middle Caicos

Somewhere between here and there: Lingering on the Causeway linking North and Middle Caicos
Asking my daughter to plop down in the middle of a highway for a photo op probably won't get me a "Mother of the Year" award, but since we hadn't seen any cars for miles, I decided to go all Bob Gilka on her. (As Bob Gilka as I could get with my iPhone camera, that is.) The causeway between North and Middle Caicos opened in 2007, replacing a weekend ferry service between the two sparsely populated islands. Though the completed project has been the subject of some criticism for not being structurally up to par, we had no complaints as we hopped back into our rented SUV and rolled across the skinny, mile-long strip of asphalt and white gravel. We gawked in awe at the dazzling aquamarine sea, barely held at bay by a barrier of boulders on either side of the road. The causeway truly is a modern marvel of inter-island transport. After another stop at the far end of it, we reluctantly continued on our way. I mean, it isn't every day you get an idyllic causeway in the middle of the British west Indies all to yourself.