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Carretera Austral

Kayaking Río Palena
Ok, starting by the fact that coming to the carretera austral is an incredible experience, then if you like the river and kayaking, this is a MUST DO! amazing views , is a collective kayaking and rafting trip trough the palena river until getting in the pacific ocean.So the first day was incredible, so much fun! its about 7-8 hours of rowing dayly, first day camping by MELIMOYU volcano and a very nice BBQ and the next day kayaking with dolphins!! until getting to Raul Marin Balmaceda Island, it was such an incredible experience, i was tired but itwas worth it. great group of people ,they will rent you a kayak if you dont have one or asign you a spot in the rafts,the last day we had a party with nice local food and music, i felt so happy that i did that even though i wasnt very good at kayaking, now i feel like an expert! if you guys need any info just ask! it happens every year in feb. ( Location: La Junta, CHILE)