We got so lucky with visiting Wales, this past week. The weather was tricky but we managed to find plenty of sunshine. We visited Carreg Cennen Castle, one of the most spectacular Welsh castles, located north of Swansea on a great day. The setting is unbelievable, rolling green hills, sheep everywhere. It’s a really beautiful and calm sight. It’s open everyday of the year and the entrance fee is very small.

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Exceptional views

The view from Carreg Cennen Castle takes your breath away. I could have stayed there forever. So peaceful and not a soul around. Even though it’s winter, the hills are still green.Stunning. My guess is that in summer it’s a lot busier but in January there are no tourists around. Loved being there and I would go back again, in a heartbeat.


The first castle at Carreg Cennen would probably have been built by the Welsh Prince Rhys Ap Gryffydd in the 12th and 13th century. Though there is some evidence of Prehistoric and Roman occupation on the site. One legend suggests that the original fortress at Carreg Cennen dates back to the Dark Ages and the Welsh Knight Urien Rheged and his son Owain. Legend suggests they were knights during the reign of King Arthur. However, the existing remains date back to that period following the conquest of Wales by King Edward the First in the 14th Century. The initial conquest was followed by an extensive program of castle building to consolidate his grip on this wild mountainous country. King Edward the first seized Carreg Cennen Castle in 1277 which was granted by the King to John Giffard who built the castle which remains today. In July 1403 Owain Glyndŵr attacked the castle with a force of 800 men but failed to take it. The castle was eventually abandoned in 1462 during the Wars of the Roses the castle was partially demolished by hundreds of men employed specifically to disable its effectiveness as a fortification.

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