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Boulders Beach

Peering Into Penguin Lives at Boulder Beach, South Africa
Busy creatures, penguins. At Boulder Beach near Cape Town, South Africa, I witnessed their little society on a cold, windy day. This little molting guy was huddled close to the boardwalk, where the penguins make nests and lay their eggs. Large groups laid out together on the rocks like vacationing sunbathers, others trundled back and forth along the sand like businessmen in their black-and-white suits, very focused on some indiscernible mission. A group of six appeared to have a club house in a small nook created by two rocks leaned against each other. Standing around gossiping or chatting penguin politics, who knows. One guy got offended and walked off. Soon one of his club mates walked over and calmed him down, then they both waddled back to the clubhouse, and all was good cheer again. An afternoon at Boulder Beach was one of the most amusing I’ve ever spent, peering into the lives of penguins.
Cape Town, South Africa
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