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Cape of Good Hope

Rainbow at the edge of the world
Exploring the Cape of Good Hope during a winter storm is quite the adventure. Luckily though towards the end of our hike, right when we got back to the car a beautiful rainbow appeared and made the experience just that more beautiful.
Cape of Good Hope
Many confuse the Cape of Good Hope to be either the most Southern point of the African continent or where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meets. It is actually neither. The most southern point of Africa is Cape Agulhas and where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic.

The Portuguese explorer, Bartholomeu Dias was commissioned to find a new sea route to Asia and when he finally reached the Cape of Good Hope, he wrote home to the emperor that he has reach the end of the continent, therefore found a way to Asia. He called the spot, the Cape of Storms. John II of Portugal was so thrilled with prospect of a new trading route to Asia he renamed it, Cape of Good Hope.

There is something special about standing at the edge of something massive, such as an entire continent. Even though the Cape of Good Hope’s geographical distinction is being the most South West point of the continent, it does not make it any less magical. Standing there, knowing that you are at the end of the world, watch the light flicker across this most incredible bay contrasted with the roaring Atlantic….all of sudden, you feel like anything is possible. Cape of Good Hope indeed.
Cape of Good Hope Cape Town  South Africa

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