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Canary Islands

Canary Islands - Our Dream Family Vacation
My two teenage kids and I were planning this trip for some time. I found what we needed, shared it with the kids and the vote was unanimous. LoL - be it!
This outpost of Europe situated off the West Coast of Africa is ideal for a family holiday at any time of year. Here are just some of the many exciting activities it offers. Sure there is a broadband internet, but their days were full of activities so they just checked the basics on a smart watch.
Of course one of the main attractions are their beaches, but they needed more.
Sure they were looking for something more exciting, so we went to the Siam Park on Tenerife, Europe's largest water theme park. An exhilarating way to spend a day.
For the first time they saw sea whales, sea turtles and the dolphins playing where learnt a lot about the marine environment. Awesome !
There are many fascinating museums and exhibits, many go out of their way to make a fun and engaging experience for the kids. So even though the beach beckons, I thought why not to take time to better understand the culture, history and nature of these amazing islands.
We also hired bikes, burnt off some of those holiday calories. Crossed small islands, walked through woods and even through volcanic tunnels. There are routes to suit all ages and abilities.
All in all, exciting and exotic experience.
Our best holiday so far, all thanks to our last minute travel agent.
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