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Gorgeous Colors Everywhere!
Caminito is about a 10 minute cab ride from San Telmo (the old charming district in Buenos Aires) in La Boca. It is a tourist trap - but it is hard not to be taken by the beautiful colors of the buildings. You won't see these colors throughout BA, just in this area so it is worth a short trip (you can walk it in 30 - 60 minutes easily). There are little restaurants so you could enjoy the atmosphere and have lunch (leave by dinner as the neighborhood supposedly gets a little rougher after dark). It is easy to get a cab to your next destination as they have someone there helping.

Colors in Caminito
Caminito (little walkway in Spanish) is a street museum and a traditional alley, located in La Boca, in Buenos Aires.
The street is known by its colorful buildings, tango bars and in recent years, a lot of touristic stores and bars.

The area is known as not that safe after dark hours.

Highly recommended for some great photos.

Old Friends
Part of the beauty of travel, besides the sites, the food, the experiences, is seeing the local people. I love observing every day life when I zip through the city in a taxi or take the subway. On this day, I was walking through the touristy Caminito with the vibrant colored buildings and came across these two older women chatting on a bench. The simplicity of just hanging out with an old friend. I hope this is my best friend and I when we are 80 years old.

La Boca
The colorful buildings that line the entrance way to Caminito in La Boca, BA.