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Calle Bencomo

Artisan Shops and Great Vibe

Many towns have a specific area, where artists and artisans settle to open shops and slowly begin to activate a previously overlooked, quiet area, which is usually away from the main fray. Calle Bencomo has just that feeling of being discovered tomorrow or the day after. There are a handful of little, interesting shops, some cafés and bars; all fun to explore.

One of the artisan venues, La Restauradora, located at C/Bencomo, 20, is owned by the lovely Carmen M. Jiménez Álvarez. We started chatting about 4 stunning vintage Italian chairs she had in her shop, that I, for a split second, was seriously trying to figure out how to ship to the US. She told me that she and her friends, the other business owners on Calle Bencomo, close the street and put on a block party the 2nd Monday of every month. It's supposed to be a lot of fun. People come to swing dance and hang out together.

>>>Thank you Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife for being my base camp for 3 days while I discovered beautiful Tenerife, and a special shout-out to the incredible team that works the Rock Royalty desk. Your suggestions on what to see on island were priceless!!