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Cais da Pedra

The tastiest riverside burgers ever...
Well, the menu is not just hamburgers, but you get the picture!

Celebrity Chef Henrique Sa Pessoa's, brand new restaurant is primely located at the waterfront of one of Lisbon's most interesting areas: Alfama. Just across from the international train station of Santa Apolonia and next to two landmarks of the Lisbon night scene : Lux and Bica no Sapato, this establishment is a conversion of an old fishing warehouse.

I believe that chef Sa Pessoa, as summarized in this menu the wave of contemporary approach to traditional Portuguese flavours by adding them to international favourites, like burgers, fresh salads and small portugues portion dishes (petiscos).

Almost entirely decorated of white, black and brown, the ambience is very relaxed and at the same time the tattoos of the young waiters giving it that lively edge.

Proudly using one hundred per cent portugues quality beef for their burgers, you can truly taste the honesty and dedication that was put in making your hamburger melt in your mouth as it should.

On the photo is a little afternoon treat that I indulged myself to, made up of freshly baked wheat buns, kalamata olives and croquettes. All accompanied by a glass of the white wine from the Lisbon region.

As you can see I had it outside, with the warm spring sun shining on me as I looked at the small boats cruising the tagus, thinking that on par with the menu the outside seating area are these establishment's greatest assets.
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Enjoying a Burger at a Port Warehouse
The number of restaurants opened by chefs is increasing in Lisbon. This one, with chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, opened very recently. The menu specializes in delicious burgers with very tasty french fries, and for appetizers you have olives, croquettes, and wonderful bread.

The restaurant used to be a port warehouse, so it’s quite big, with three rooms (bar, restaurant, and terrace). The kitchen is open, so you can see the cooking process.

Two pluses of this restaurant are the location—at Santa Apolónia, next to the subway and with a view over the river—and the kitchen schedule, open till midnight or even later (2am) on Friday or Saturday.
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Armazem B, loja 9, Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-264 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 21 887 1651
Sun - Thur 12pm - 12am
Fri, Sat 12pm - 2am