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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

A Place in the Sun

Egypt was the first place I remember as a kid that taught me there were worlds unlike my own and it was always a dream to visit one day.

Then in 2006 my dream came true. I booked a trip with a friend that lasted 12 days and included a cruise up the Nile (heading south) visiting all the ancient ruins.

I loved all the ancient temples, Luxor, Karnak, Hatshepsut, Horus at Edfu, Abu Simbel as well as the Step Pyramid and the Pyramids of Giza. I saw the Sphinx!

And the food was so delicious. Of course all of us got the "revenge" but local medicine cured it in a day.

I think the bazaar in Cairo was one of my favorites. I could have spent days in there, alone. Not just to shop but to watch and take it all in.

The Mohammed Ali Mosque was amazing as was the location. I really enjoyed the natural light, the colors, the smells, the sounds, and of course, the people.

Egypt is of stark contrasts between rich and poor but I found the Egyptians to be happy and quite funny. They laughed a lot... and I love to laugh, so I was happy.

One of the joys was just floating down the Nile and enjoying the scenery as it passed by. We saw so much and I cherish that time.

There have been changes and I am personally so thrilled for the my Egyptian friends to finally have so much optimism in their future. I wish for them a country where democracy is king, and the only king.

I look forward to returning and getting to see more and meet more of the wonderful people who call Egypt home.