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Caffè San Simeon

Best Italian-style coffee in Montreal
This is where I hang out on any given Sunday afternoon practicing my far niente. The coffee is absolutely delicious and the crowd an eclectic mix of regulars who have been going there for 30 years and hipsters.

Lattes Made With Amore
You know you've come to the right cafe when a barista from another venerable coffee institution comes in for an espresso. San Simeon in Montreal's Little Italy serves some of this city's best coffee - with a side of small town Italian vibe. And when I asked for a glass of water (thinking tap is fine), I was poured two sips of lightly sparkling Egeria, a mineral water from Rome known for its thin, unprickly bubble. That made me more than a little nostalgic for the Bel Paese.

39 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1J6, Canada
+1 514-272-7386
Sun - Sat 6am - 3am