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Café Sardine

Coffee, Donuts and Gourmet Hot Dogs on Fairmont
The intersection of St. Laurent and Fairmont is an intersection of awesome—Cafe Sardine, Boulangerie Guillame and Lawrence are all right beside each other on the east side. Further west, you'll stroll to find Fairmont Bagel and Drogheria for homemade tomato sauce.

I was told to go to Sardine for coffee but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their donut selection. Lime donuts will forever be ingrained in my tastebud memory.

If you want something more substantial while you people watch, catch up with friends, or browse via their wi-fi, they serve fancy hot dogs. The Pat Benatar has doritos and ketchup; another one called Bon Ami is a banh mi hot dog.

Only in Montreal would you find this eclectic connection of coffee, donuts, and eccentric hot dogs. I love it.

NOTE: Sardine is a restaurant and has a full fledged dinner menu.
Donuts at Café Sardine
Donuts, the best donuts, need I say more? The coffee is excellent too! Coffeeshop by day and restaurant by night...
Donuts at Café Sardine Montreal  Canada

Great cup of joe at Café Sardine
A tiny space decorated with vintage industrial elements and a striking brick wall with a can of sardine painted on, Café Sardine is a great spot to catch a good cup and watch the world go by.
Great cup of joe at Café Sardine Montreal  Canada