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Cafe Route

Perfect Eggs Benedict in Dalston
There are several immutable laws that the universe adheres to – what goes up must come down, sound travels faster through a medium than via a vacuum, in space no-one can hear you scream etc. etc.

Perhaps the one most embedded in the laws of popular culture of late is that with hipsters, brunch must inevitably follow. A clean, airy space with al fresco seating and big plates of luscious salads, Bloody Marys and Eggs Benny by the dozen and a relaxed, laid-back vibe are all essential. Throw in some hanging joints of jamon and a few menu buzzwords (we’re looking at you, “free-range”, “organic” and “locally-sourced”) and the scenesters will descend to inevitably recount the previous nights events – who bumped into Cara in the ladies’ perhaps, or who got the most shitfaced at Birthdays.

Café Route in Northeast London’s gentrifying neighbourhood of Dalston fulfils those needs with ease. Located just off the main street by the shiny new library and idyllic Curve Garden, it’s a slick operation that never feels less than effortlessly comfortable thanks to well-drilled staff and a wide variety of gourmet comfort classics and an enviable selection of salads. Get a seat outside in the summer and drink to health, your friends, or just to get rid of that banging headache from last night.
Gaumont Tower, London E8 3BQ, UK
+44 20 7249 6202
Sun 8am - 9pm
Mon - Fri 7am - 10:30pm
Sat 8am - 10:30pm