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Cafe Rockenwagner

1168 S Barrington Ave
| +1 310-478-6313
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Celebrate Oktoberfest at Cafe Rockenwagner Los Angeles California United States

Celebrate Oktoberfest at Cafe Rockenwagner

Leckerbissenmitvergnugen. That’s a word you’ll see when you take a seat at Brentwood’s Cafe Rockenwagner, a German restaurant punctuated with California style. It doesn't matter if your eyes narrow at its length or if your tongue stutters over its consonants – you’ll understand what this word means by the end of your meal.

Since you’ll stare at that word upon first glance of the dinner menu, you can keep from getting overwhelmed by averting your attention to the simplistic beauty of the room. Bright orange chairs complement the confident “R” above a renowned pastry counter that has made brunch here a popular weekend activity. Pretzels – the other star treats on the menu – hang playfully on the main wall, and a cozy patio continues that feeling of fun informality.

At nighttime, a candle will illuminate the curve of an oversized beer mug on your table, a requisite drink for the Oktoberfest menu. Start with the baked tafelspitz, or beef layered in a colorful apple-horseradish crust, and share bites of rosti, a warm potato pancake. Then, choose the Jager schnitzel, a pork tenderloin topped with onions, mushrooms, and prosciutto, for an entree. And at dessert, dig into the kaiserschmarrn, a pancake topped with sugar and raspberry sauce.

As you taste the last rich, comforting flavors of this wanderlust feast, choose your favorite part to gush over. That’s what Leckerbissenmitvergnugen is all about.