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Cafe Riche

Two people who have seen a lot
This was a pretty emotional moment at Cafe Riche, a historical cafe in downtown Cairo. I was talking with Azer Farag Azer, a businessman (pictured in the middle above) who has been a customer of Cafe Riche since 1960. He was speaking about a lot of the things he has seen happen over the years here, when he called up the waiter, Felfel (pictured on the right), who has been working at Cafe Riche since 1943. Azer called Felfel the most honorable man he knew and called him on stage.

The Paris-esque streets of Cairo
The beauty and grandeur of the downtown buildings are somewhat blunted by the dust and dirt of this mega desert metropolis, but the charm and romance resonates amongst the vibrancy of the street scenes.

For a throw back to an era of revolutionaries and intelligentsia, visit the historic Cafe Riche and check out the portraits of famous Egyptians that line the walls from past decades.

17 Haret Wesst Al Balad, Al Waili Al Kabir Gharb, Hadaeq Al Qubbah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
+20 122 401 1256
Sun - Sat 12pm - 12am