Cacao Green

Cacao Green: Melbourne's New Summer Craze
I'd only ever eaten frozen ice cream once before, when AFAR ambassador Natalie Taylor decided to show me some of the tastiest treats in Toronto. The frozen yoghurt shop we went to was nice but nothing special and I thought frozen yoghurt was just a fad.
Turns out this fad has spread to Australia.

Last week Cacao Green opened up another store of their popular frozen yoghurt stores in Chadstone Shopping Centre - a short hop, skip and a jump from my home.
Curious to know if it was better than my fail-yo in Toronto I bought a cup of green tea FroYo (that's what the cool kids call Frozen Yoghurt) with strawberry pieces only to have my mind blown.

It wasn't the soft serve whip consistency that I expected but somehow thicker yet light and airy. It was creamy, fresh and I could imagine myself sitting on a beach with a cup of FroYo enjoying the warm sun and my cool treat.
It wasn't what I was expecting but something so much better.

There are a range of flavours to choose from - the plain yoghurt being the most popular whilst green tea and ginger and chocolate being my favourites - as well as a choice of toppings, from fresh fruit to boba popping balls and even grated chocolate.

Speaking with the store owner she told me her daughter and friends used to make trips into the city from the suburbs just to eat Cacao Green's frozen yoghurt.
Hopefully her daughter and friends don't eat all the green tea flavour before I make a return visit on the weekend...
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Chadstone Shopping Centre, Lower Level Kiosk 044, Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia
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