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Breakfast, beach, Bwejuu
Like so many paradises all over the world, Zanzibar's coast is in danger of overdevelopment. The stacks and stacks of resorts and budget hotels crowding the seafront can be a bit obvious in places like Paje, where the water is azure and the sand is soft – but it’s crowded.

But! I am not here to discourage you from visiting Zanzibar, just to offer an alternative. For the price of a little extra seaweed, move north up the east coast to Bwejuu, a village with beaches no less stunning than the others (just a little more kelpy, like I said) and infinitely more relaxing.

Small, well-kept bungalows, and restaurants attached to hotels, will serve up breakfast with a view of the water, no matter whether you're staying there or not: papaya, mango, passionfruit and pineapple. (Do I need to mention how fresh the fruit is?)

If it's possible, ask if you can pass up the instant coffee in favor of the brewed, cardamom-and-clove-laced Zanzibar specialty.

Bwejuu, Tanzania