Buza Bar

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Cold Drinks With The Most Beautiful View
Buza Bar sits perched on the outside of Dubrovnik's southern wall. Visitors come for the stunning view of the Adriatic and Southern Dalmatia - especially at sunset - and the chance to jump from the cliff into the crystal clear, cool water.

To this day it is still a bit of a secret, rarely mentioned in tourist brochures. Part of the fun is finding the bar/cafe as it isn't on many maps. But there is a little help to guide you through the cobblestone streets of the Old City. Simply follow the signs that read "Cold drinks with the most beautiful view."
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Bar With the Best View in the World
Dubrovnik is home to many special moments, but one of the best is enjoying a drink on the side of the city walls. Tucked away in a far corner of town is a simple doorway, unmarked and hard to find. The reward on the other side of the door though is worth the trouble it takes to find.

Cafe Buža, which means hole in the wall, enjoys what may be the most stunning bar location in the world and they definitely know it. Tables and chairs are positioned so that guests get the best views of the Adriatic Sea, the Island of Lokrum (home to some Game of Thrones scenes) and the Dalmatian coastline. I just stood there in awe, which is how most of the patrons looked as well. I’ve never seen anything like it and that obviously is the main draw to the cafe as the prices are a little high and as mentioned, it’s not the easiest place to find.
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Have a Drink On The Rocks
Walking the walls of Old Town, Dubrovnik are a must for any traveler, but in the hot summer months, all that hot stone and seaside scenery can really make you thirsty. Head to the other side of the wall for a local beer, wine or cocktails at Buza Bar. Tucked into the cliffs between the sea and civilization, this improbable place is not only stunning, it's fun. Locals and visitors alike fill precariously placed tables ready to party, and if the drinks aren't enough to cool you down, it couldn't be easier to jump, dive or cannonball into the inviting Adriatic below.
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The sign says it all!
Sip a cold drink at the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik. You'll feel like you're at the edge of the earth looking out over the deep blue Adriatic. There's really nothing more relaxing...
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See Dubrovnik's city walls - from the sea
You would be a fool to go to Dubrovnik without strolling the full circumference of the city walls, but the August weather provides the perfect opportunity to experience them in another way too, whilst also offering a cooling anecdote to the heat.

If you can tear your eyes away from the gleaming "pearl of the Adriatic" and glance towards the sea, chances are you will see one of two Buza bars. Both of these bars really are fantastic; built into the rocks of the city walls, they provide their punters with cool drinks and a safe place to leap from the rocks into the sea.

Surprisingly, its not too difficult to get a table but if there's none going spare simply climb down the rocky steps to perch on the rocks.

Once you've taken the plunge (be careful - the rocks can be quite sharp) the full city is spread before you - a stunning view as you bob up and down in the slightly rough sea.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the music mellow and the owners generous enough to let their guests camp out for hours at a time.

Take a picnic, a few pennies for a beer and your towel - a unique escape from the city's labyrinth of cobbles.
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