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Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro Station 1

Riding the Ride of the Mortals
Should Dubai ever need a new name, it could seriously consider the Orwellian 'doubleplusgood' as a fair portrayal of its lavish glamour. Golden iPads, world's tallest buildings and indoor ski resorts are just several of the riches the city can offer. Status symbols are given the right of way every time but the traffic jam time, when the crowded roads juxtapose restless Bugattis next to simple Corollas and Mazdas.

They are easy to miss, but mere mortals live in Dubai as well. To experience their Dubai is best on board gold clad Dubai Metro. Riding the ride of the mortals is not for the faint of heart. The train moves slow, but it gives you the opportunity to peek into multiple layers of Dubai's variegated society. Here in the crowded regular class cabin you can catch a glimpse of everyday life that the Philippine hotel staff, the Nepali construction workers and the adventure seekers from Russia lead in Dubai.

The cabin gets fuller and smellier as the train moves closer to Deira side of the city. Don't fret, one more stop and you've arrived at Dubai Creek - the sprawling saltwater creek that separates extravagant Bur Dubai from historic Deira. It is here on Deira's windswept streets that you realize: there is much more to Dubai than just lavish glamour.

Tips: plan ahead as the ride from Dubai Marina to the Creek takes about forty minutes.
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