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Buenos Aires

Secret Restaurant Cocina Sunae in Buenos Aires
One of the best ways to experience some of the most interesting food Buenos Aires has to offer is to follow the private dining trend going on now. There’s a few restaurants that offer top notch cuisine with a more intimate and authentic feel by providing set menus that have been carefully thought out and come straight from the chefs hands.

Cocina Sunae explores different Asian flavors in an intimate setting.

From the moment I arrived I was blown away by the decor in the house and the colorful artwork that was all around. The fact that I was in the chefs actual home made the entire situation incredibly charming. There were about 6 or 7 tables and they were, at one point, all full. We started with crispy and tasty beef and pork wontons. Then we got deeper into the hole with fresh Vietnamese hand rolls. By that point I was anticipating something amazing just based on how good the appetizers were. I had the Filipino inspired adobo chicken and Manny had the red curry shrimp with vegetables. The flavors we experienced last night were truly special and Christina herself would pop out of the kitchen from time to time to make sure everything was going smoothly or explain what the dish you were eating was. And what of the amazing fried banana with green tea ice cream? It was talking to me and blowing me kisses! The menu is pre-fixed and changes every 2 weeks, which gives you a perfect excuse to return with a smile and an empty stomach.
Buenos Aires, Argentina