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Buenos Aires

Tango; The Dance of Buenos Aires
Born in the immigrant quarter brothels of Buenos Aires, the Tango originally developed representing a duel between challengers for the favors of a woman. The early Tango was considered so obscene Pope Pius X actually banned the dance. The Tango is currently danced throughout the world and in 2009 UNESCO declared the dance part of the world's cultural heritage.
With just six months of lessons under our belts, my girlfriend and I traveled to Buenos Aires to study and dance the Tango. We attended several Milongas (Tango events) in the city. These were not touristy shows but down and dirty dance halls where locals hang out to drink, socialize, and dance. We rapidly found our dance improving, particularly after a few glasses of wine! Throughout our travels we often heard "Tango is not just a dance, but a way of life."

Buenos Aires, Argentina