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Brussels in Photos

1000 Brussels, Belgium
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Food Truck Festival Brussels  Belgium
The Ultimate Kids' Table Brussels  Belgium
Magritte's Sky Brussels  Belgium
ART TRUC TROC  | Post-it®  Brussels  Belgium
58th Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair  Brussels  Belgium
Food Truck Festival Brussels  Belgium
The Ultimate Kids' Table Brussels  Belgium
Magritte's Sky Brussels  Belgium
ART TRUC TROC  | Post-it®  Brussels  Belgium
58th Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair  Brussels  Belgium

Food Truck Festival

This weekend, for the first time ever in Brussels, the Food Truck Festival is taking place. Today I spent almost all day there trying the food from the trucks lined up on the side of the main train station in Brussels.
One of the trucks is offering insects and insect based food.
Of course I had to try some of it cause how often does one eat grasshoppers?
Verdict? (tastes just like chicken) :-D. They are dehydrated so very crunchy and made with soy so they feel like weird chips in your mouth. With the cherry tomato is actually really nice.
Go try it if you are in the Brussels area. Tomorrow, all day, the trucks will be there waiting to amaze you with great and yes, weird food.

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about 7 years ago

58th Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair

Brussels, Belgium -- Over 130 exhibitors from 11 countries, exhibiting thousands of works of art in every conceivable style and from all eras and origins, The 58th Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair ( BRAFA) is a yearly not-to-miss event. We timed our visit to BRAFA well before the crowds started to peak, bearing in mind that last year a record breaker of visitors overwhelmed the show. Dedicated art enthusiasts and collectors were abound but I enjoyed even the smallest details like this image above. A visit to Brussels during BRAFA week is certainly highly recommended. Best best: Hotels offer brilliant packages, including VIP BRAFA tickets and more.
about 7 years ago

ART TRUC TROC | Post-it®

BRUSSELS, Belgium – This is what happens when you give hundreds of kids unbridled freedom to use hundreds of Post-it® notes.

Every year an art exhibition entitled, Art Truc Troc offers an event the whole family can enjoy.

And the concept of the show honors the oldest way of doing business, by trade. That’s right, folks can trade objects, services, trips or anything your imagination can pull together, in exchange for original pieces of modern art.

Upon entry to the show, every participant is provided a Post-it® booklet, where one writes down their exchange, then places the offer next to the work of art of choice … The artist has within 7-days after the show to respond, or confirm the exchange.

And what is this yellow room all about that’s featured above?

This is the kids area of the show where little ones are given free rein to use their Post-it®, as they see fit.

And guess what else I have to share with you today?

Last night my artist exchange offer was accepted. I couldn’t be more thrilled by my exchange acceptance.

This is a thrilling travel experience, if you ask me. This exchange means I can take back home with me original artwork from my travels.

Best bet: The concept of the art show is going world-wide. Interested to know more about my selected artwork and offer, please see my next Belgian posting for more details.
about 7 years ago

The Ultimate Kids' Table

Bookshops can be found in virtually any metropolitan city throughout the world. But in Brussels, bookshops are particularly revered. In fact, while most Brussels stores are closed on Sundays—not bookshops. It's a favorite pastime for locals (as well as expatriates like me) to take in the city’s finest bookshops on a late Sunday afternoon.

And you should see how our favorite bookstore called Cook and Book makes up a kid's lunch table. (See above photo.)

A little bit about Cook and Book: It's a store consisting of nine mini-bookshops and two restaurants, all under two roofs. Each bookshop carries a central theme. For example, there's a travel room, a lifestyle and interior decorating room, an art room, a music room, a children’s room, etc. But each of the theme rooms goes beyond the norm.

My children particularly loved the travel room, where an Airstream mini-plane is converted into a dining table for eight people.

The Sunday Brunch Buffet is very popular with locals and tourists, so reservations should be booked as far in advance as possible. In addition, a lovely outdoor courtyard in front of the bookshop offers kid-oriented entertainment including a playground and a small fleet of mini-scooters.

But the real find is one of the world's most awesome kids' tables: Lunch for two inside a vintage car.
AFAR Local Expert
about 7 years ago

Magritte's Sky

René Magritte, the Belgian surrealist, is known for his witty and thought provoking images, but I've always been partial to his clouds.

On a return trip to Brussels (our home for six wonderful years) I took my daughter to the Magritte Museum.

We spent about two hours admiring the magnificent collection, then walked over to the Place du Grand Sablon where this church, Notre Dame du Sablon, was lit by golden sunlight and the blue sky full of Magritte-like clouds.

I think Belgium's surrealist son was welcoming us home.