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Brussels, Belgium

No Passport Required

One of the best things in Europe is that you can go to other countries for a day trip, while in Amsterdam, I had some free time and decided to go to Belgium for the day, the tour was about 10 hours and it was supposed to pick me up at my hotel , I was early in the lobby waiting for the bus to come pick me up, no bus ever came, I started to worry because “NO ONE in Europe is ever late”, I went to the front desk to ask if the tour had been by the hotel yet, they called the tour office, but I ended up going to the office instead of waiting any longer, the office was about a mile away and it was way passed the time the tour was supposed to start, once I got to the office , I was relieved to see the bus was still there and I did not miss my chance to go to Belgium, once I got on the bus, I got several nasty looks from the other tourists, because in their minds, it was my fault we were leaving late, I just proceeded to find a seat and enjoy my tour. Our first stop was Antwerp , the diamond capital of the world, where we had a chance to stroll the city for about an hour, time I wisely used scavenging Belgium chocolates, after the short stop we proceeded to Brussels, where we had an opportunity to walk thru the beautiful streets , visit the pissing boy and of course, buy more chocolate, my tour ended up at a café where I relaxed and had one of the many beers Belgium is known for , Duvel , which I might add, tasted perfect and sweet, not the same as having one in America.