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Bromo Volcano Viewpoint

On The Surface Of The Moon
The trip took a plane, a bicycle, a train, a minivan, a jeep and a horse! Ok, so it didn't take a rocket but might as well. And waiting for the sunrise hopeful that the clouds would lift and reveal this majestic scenery is probably as close as I'll ever get to the moon. Bundled up in jackets with the smell of grilled corn in the air this moment, filled with nothing but silence and the flashing sounds of fellow photographers, is one of the most majestic one can experience. I remember thinking I would never see anything like this again and mourned instantly hoping that another trip would offer a similar moment in another remote location of Earth. This is a place for travelers who yearn for the moments that reassure us of our conviction. All followed by a jeep ride through the sea of ash and the hike up to the edge of the volcano to make offerings of flowers along narrow ledges of sand into the center of earth..."please let me feel this way again."

Wonokitri, Ledok Sari, Tosari, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur, Indonesia