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Brasserie Cantillon

Unique Brussels Beer
The Cantillon Brewery is one of the few that still makes the unique gueze and lambic beers. The brewery was started by a family and four generations later, that same family still runs the place and brews the beer.

You can tour the place and even drink beer there. For the price of 8 euro you can get a tour and sample two different beers.

The brewery is a short distance from the south train station. Best to take the train if you're going to drink!

Waiting for beer
Inside the Cantillon Brewery, in the Anderlecht area of Brussels, the beer spends quite a bit of time inside the barrels before its ready to drink.

You can tour the brewery and see how and where the gueze and lambics are brewed.

Beer like wine
The beers at the Cantillon Brewery are unique, with a lack of carbonation and a foamy head. Do try the lambics and geuzes, but do so with an open mind.

Rue Gheude 56, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgium
+32 2 521 49 28
Mon, Tue, Thur - Sat 10am - 5pm