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Boutique Majid

Avenue des Noyers
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Boutique Majid: Private Collection - 9 years in Waiting  Tanger  Morocco

Boutique Majid: Private Collection - 9 years in Waiting

In the center of the ground floor, there is a large case for Majid's private collection. While admiring an Amber necklace inside he stepped over and said- “Can you believe? It took 9 years to buy just that one piece?” He had spotted a woman at a party with these bulbous pieces amber securely wrapped around her neck with the rest dangling down her back, “it was so beautiful the way it swayed and swung behind her… I couldn’t help but to approach her and ask to touch it." He later made an offer to purchase it from her, but she refused. It was a very important family heirloom. Her husband would add a piece to it every year when the family finances were sound, and when things weren’t -- a piece was traded or sold. This had gone on for the life of the necklace even before she had received it. Understanding the value and unlikelihood of owning it, Majid still waited hopefully and patiently for an opportunity. With a smile “if I couldn’t possess it, it was good enough to appreciate it just once in a while.” And so, he would settle on a friendship with the family and regular visits for tea just to have a glimpse of it from time to time. 9 years later, the call finally came from the family to inform Majid that they wanted to send their sons on a pilgrimage and had decided that a worthy trade for the necklace would preferably be with him. Customary tea, wait, small talk, wait, tea, wait, dinner, more tea, more small talk, more waiting… "I did nothing that would jeopardize the trade!” Everything went smoothly and he left victorious. And now happily ever after, the necklace in all it’s glory, hangs in its own special case — not to be sold or photographed, just enjoyed by him and whoever happens to pop by.