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Bourg en Bresse

Bourg en Bresse - place around Lyon worth visiting
Bourg en Bresse (01) is a city located in the Bresse wetlands (region of Ain, between the River Saône and the Jura Mountains). It is famous for its birdlife…and their local speciality ‘Poulet de Bresse’ – the free range chicken. Poulet de Bresse is a product unique to Bresse and its taste cannot be equalled anywhere else in the world and for this reason it was granted an ‘appellation d’origine contrôlée’ (AOC) in 1957. This means that its breed is strictly defined and controlled.For example each bird has to have a minimum of ten square meters of space. On top of that, Bresse also has other products that benefit from AOC’s, Bressan Cream and Butter were granted AOC status in 2012 and the famous & testy & well known Bresse Bleu Cheese comes from Bresse as well.