Boulders Penguin Colony

A Different Kind of Little "Pitter Patter"
Boulder Beach in Cape Town South Africa has many little hidden treasures for which you can find. From tiny on the water restaurants to sweet kitschy craft shops.

The best find with out a doubt is a secret protected breeding grounds for these adorable penguins.

Remember don't forget to check under your vehicle for these little ones when backing out!
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Chill with penguins (tuxedo not required)
The only land-based penguin breeding colony, Boulders Beach reserve is part of Table Mountain National Park. Here you can see the little black-and-white fellow previously known as the Jackass Penguin.

His new name, the African Penguin, might be more politically correct, but it's anybody's guess who the name reflects most poorly on: Africans or jackasses. When you hear their braying mating sounds, you won't ask why 'jackass'.

INSIDE INFO: Don't think you must pay the entry fee to get into Boulders Beach reserve within the National Park. Following the boardwalk is free and will enable close-up viewing of their nesting sites. Even better: head onto the tranquil and wind-protected Seaforth Beach on the western edge of the Boulders Reserve. On the rocky outcrop on the west of Seaforth you will be sure to find plenty of penguins that will allow you up close and personal, with no fences in the way.

Be warned, though: a penguin beak is a dangerous thing, and they will not hesitate to attack you if they get annoyed. If you are extremely lucky, you might see a Cape Clawless Otter there too just as night falls. These creatures exit the sea at a freshwater stream, and come searching for penguin eggs.
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Watching Penguins at Boulders Beach
Where else in the world do you have bikini-clad women lounging in the sand a few meters from a penguin colony sitting on eggs and tending to young? Boulders Beach, which lies within Table Mountain National Park, is one of the easiest penguin colonies to observe. During our visit we saw African penguins sitting, caring for young, and frolicking in the surf. They do not appear to be disturbed by all of the human spectators, and seem to appreciate that you are prohibited from approaching them by leaving the boardwalk. I recommend that you spend some time observing the behavior of these rare creatures.
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3 Kleintuin Rd, Simon's Town, Cape Town, 7995, South Africa
+27 21 786 2329
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