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Borgo Egnazia

Strada Comunale Egnazia, 72015 Savelletri, Fasano BR, Italy
| +39 080 225 5000

Walk Through Three Millennia of History in Puglia

Judy reports that the Puglia Coast is an increasingly popular destination in Italy for her clients, one that surprises even travelers who know the country well. The ancient archeological city in Egnazia makes for an exceptional place to explore the varied history of the region. Civilization at the site dates from some 1,300 years before the time of Christ, when Bronze Age huts eventually evolved into a Greek village and then a Roman trading center, complete with a forum and city walls, mentioned by both Pliny and Horace. Today visitors can see excavated areas, including the Traiana Road, the amphitheater and the forum, as well as a necropolis with fresco-adorned tombs. On-site is a museum that houses recovered artifacts like the renowned local pottery. Judy sends clients visiting the region to the Borgo Egnazia hotel, just minutes from the archaeological city. After your walk through history, a round of golf at the San Domenico course overlooking the Adriatic will provide a different distraction.