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Bora Bora Lagoon

Slip a deux into the bluest water in the world

From the palest turquoise to the deepest indigo, Bora Bora’s lagoon reflects every shade of blue thanks to its exceptionally clear waters and expansive sandy bottom. Let the warmth of the shallows curl around your ankles as you move slowly deeper, until you’re fully immersed in soft, velvety waves. Even the spa can’t compare to the sensation of the warm sea lightly massaging your skin. Combined with the flower-scented breezes and the kiss of humidity, the experience is one of sensual bliss. And when your partner is at your side and the colorful fish are darting beneath you, it's tempting just to stay in the water all day.

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AFAR Local Expert
over 7 years ago

Picnic, swim and snorkel on a lagoon excursion

One of Bora Bora’s most popular activities is a lagoon excursion, a day-long event which usually includes a picnic, snorkeling, ray and shark feeding, and plenty of beach time. If you’re lucky, your guide will bring along a ukulele for some live music and a festive vibe. The food can vary but generally includes poisson cru (a raw fish salad), grilled fish, rice, chicken, and a pasta or rice salad. With a good guide and a good group, you’ll feel like a mobile beach party on the most beautiful waters in the world. There are plenty of companies offering this excursion; try Pure Snorkeling By Reef Discovery or Lagoon Service.

AFAR Local Expert
over 7 years ago

Swim with black tip reef sharks and stingrays

There are a few special snorkeling adventures on Bora Bora that are not to be missed. Most day-long lagoon tour safaris will stop at stingray and black tip reef shark feeding sites where you can stand in shallow, sandy-bottom water and get buzzed by sharks and can feed rays by hand. The critters are drawn in by the tuna scraps thrown in the water by the tour staff and it’s up to debate how disruptive this is to the animals’ behavioral patterns. After all the adrenalin you usually get taken to a beach for a gourmet picnic, sun bathing and more relaxing snorkeling.
AFAR Local Expert
over 5 years ago

Explore Bora Bora's Lagoon on a Day Trip

Reserve a day in Bora Bora to do a lagoon excursion. The island's picture perfect turquoise hued lagoon looks even more beautiful when you're out on a boat, and a lagoon tour is one of the most popular activities on the island. Numerous operators offer this trip (it's easiest to just book through your resort as most are pretty similar) and this usually includes snorkeling, ray and shark feeding, a picnic served in the sea that usually features poisson cru (a raw fish salad), grilled fish, rice, chicken and a pasta or rice salad. You'll also make a few different beach stops and have the opportunity to just chill out on the deserted white sand -- bring a book or some music if you get bored easily.
AFAR Staff
over 7 years ago

It's just a black tip

Diving in French Polynesia one supposedly gets used to the seeing black tip reef sharks. You actually feel comfortable in their presence (after all we are not a part of their food chain). We took a few dives with our kids while traveling on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship, our dive master was Clement, who was wonderful! A ton of fun, very safe, and just the right amount of adventure!