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Bole International Airport

Ethiopia's Mini-Fleet of Dreamliners
My first time aboard one of Boeing’s new Dreamliners was with Ethiopian, of all places. You may be thinking: “Ethiopian?" It’s true—they're the first African carrier to put the Dreamliner into service. And good on them for investing in planes that improve the flying experience, with bigger windows and noticeably less dryness in the cabin air. Ethiopian has daily flights to Addis Ababa from Washington, DC. If you fly from New York, as I do, going via Addis might not be the most conventional way to get to Zambia, but it’s also nice to be able to skip the interminable flight to Johannesburg. (The flight back is a bit less convenient—it stops in Rome.) And I’ll take the aircraft upgrade any day.
Bole, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251 11 665 6666