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Bohuslän, West Sweden

Nature is a Right, not a Privilege
I can remember being a kid at summer camp and never wanting the day to end. Those that know little of Scandinavia are fascinated by the idea of short days in the winter and long days in the summer. As the long summer days stretch into infinity, Western Sweden is ideal for playing outdoors. And the Swedes are such outdoors people. It’s not just a respect for nature – a strong majority are true environmentalists – but they simply love being outside.

Imagine going kayaking along the coastline of Bohuslän until 10pm! Open sea, stark cliffs and islets, wilderness and lakes – in Sweden, people have the right of public access, called Allemansrätten. It’s the right to roam freely in the countryside, swim and travel by boat, or hunt for berries and mushrooms in the forest, anywhere. It’s the right to an endless summer.